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Welcome to my website. I first picked up a camera in December 2014 and have been pointing glass at stuff ever since. 

I'm a full time professional 'geek' in the IT industry, with a penchant for ale, meat and landscape photography. When time allows, around work and husband/fatherly duties, I like to combine these elements together to create some sort of weird photographic adventure. 

In 2017, I am very proud to have won one major national award and scored highly in another international contest. 

All works and content exhibited here are copyright © Will Blakey Milner, so please don't be 'that person' or face the wrath of a mildly disgruntled, ginger, bearded man chasing you menacingly with a slightly splayed tripod!

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the form below and I'll do my best to respond this century. FYI - I'm notoriously bad at responding to anything so please bear with me and...good luck. 

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